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Submitted on
July 5, 2009



NEWS 274 - Extra! Contest Winners!

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 5, 2009, 7:40 PM
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Rockman X5 - Opening: Mosquito-Milk - Monkey

First I want to say thank yo so much for everybody who did an entry for my contest. I know that was a bit hard, because I didn't give you much info about what I wanted. But I also think that was good. Because this way I didn't force you to fallow only one way. And that's exactly what I wanted. I wanted a huge variety of monsters, aliens and characters like this. Now I think I have characters enough for my comic.
And as I said before, I'm really planning to use all the characters someway. So if you are not a winner, you at least are going to see your character in my comic.  
and before I say who are the winners, I want to point some monsters from my contest, and make a small comment. They are kinda random, and kinda my favorites. Well I just cant say something about them all so I'm going to say something about this entries at least:

by :iconcarolzilla:
I really like the dino like style. and the style of the feet and arms of this monster are really cool. besides it's big...

by :iconxryuuseix:
Yeah this one is what I can call a "classic nightmare monster" those teeth and eyes can really freak you out. the first thing in your mind if you see this guy is probably "run!".

by :icondanthelvlan:
A nice body style. the body design plus the robot arm is a nice idea. Well if you don't need to face out this monster.

by :iconrajamon:
With those long legs and weighing just about 200 grams, I'm sure this monster can run really fast. and monster+speed is really a dangerous combination.

by :iconcarolzilla:
This one is very interesting too. those big hands are really cool and useful. its characteristic of making tunnels is also very nice.

by :icon5019:
I like the design of this one. if you pay attention on its body, you'll see some really interesting characteristics. like the humanize fingers, the sting and of course the tail.

by :iconvextreme:
Its armless body design is really nice. I mean since they have no arms, I'm sure they know a lot of tricks with their legs, tail and head. and also its style is really cool

by :iconlurils:
Small but really dangerous. I mean you don't need to be a giant monster to make a big thing.

by :iconmisty-t-h:
Another very scary and of course... "hot" creature. Heh well the body is really "cool" eh?

by :iconchibiemialvi:
Yeah sometimes cute things can be really dangerous. so better don't pet this lil' guy.

by :icondcleadboot:
Well about this one, I really like the three forms thing. and its a water monster too.

by :iconcabbit-dylan:
What can I say about a guy with giant and hi-tech arms and also super smart? well for sure it's really a dangerous person. and really cool.

by :iconsarahthecat:
I like all the monsters on this pic. but my favorite is the Thigre. it's my favorite body design.

by :icondey-chan:
The body of this monster is really nice. the combination of avian head and feet and also the feline like body. and of course I also like the small ones. hehe.

by :icondrenholm:
Another awesome character concept. the big arms and the armor are really really cool.

by :iconfoxlau:
This one is really dark and scary. the strong body and the evil face really can give you some nightmares.

by :iconeuan-the-echidhog:
Another very nice and interesting body. the style is cool and scary at the same time.

by :iconlouizim:
I like the design of all the monsters on this pic. but the hamstedom is my favorite. because it's cute and scary at the same time.

Ok, now before I announce the winners, I'm going to tell to again the winners were not based only on the skills of the artist and how good she/he can draw. It was also based on the creativity and also luck. Yes, luck. because none of you know the theme of my comic. But some of you kinda almost read my mind.

Now finally... the winners:


Yeah, there are three 3rd places. but what I wanted was give a prize to everybody. But sadly I can't. A lot of awesome pics didn't get a prize and also a lot of friends. Well but from the deepest of my heart, I want to say I love all the entries and for me, they are all like winners.

So I had the idea of make a pic with them all... well just an idea, probably I'm not going to finish it. but I might try. Maybe.

One more time, thank you so much. The winners can send me a note.
And see you all in my next contest!


:star: Thank you! :star:

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ChibiEmiAlvi Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2009
Thanks for the words xD And congratulations to the winners! =D
aha-mccoy Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2009
yeah congrats ^^
VeXtreme Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2009
yey, i didn't win >X3 *sets fire to page and runs* :devilish:

:XD: kiddin

well i entered, thats what counts... *hits self* loser talk XDDD
aha-mccoy Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2009
hehe well your mosnter is one of my favorites for sure I'm going o use it in my comic.
VeXtreme Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2009
>X3 such a nice guy
:XD: thanks man, well feel free to use it, but no pressure, its your choice :3
aha-mccoy Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2009
yeah and it's the last time I do a contest like this ^^'
VeXtreme Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2009
>X3 Nuuuuuuu... i'll never get another chance
:XD: god, i gotta live with the shame ...*hangs self* XDDD
aha-mccoy Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2009
hehe i mean next contest I'll do voting ^^'
VeXtreme Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2009
oh XD
well thats worse, everyone always votes for their friends, not whos the best >>

>X3 curse you competition world!!!
aha-mccoy Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2009
oh well so I can do what I did once. I find 20 judges and pick 10 of them before the voting. them I ask them to judge all the entries.
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