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Submitted on
April 29, 2010



News 288 - Commissions Almost Reopenned + Scooter

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 29, 2010, 8:52 PM
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Rockman X5 - Opening: Mosquito-Milk - Monkey

Since I'm just waiting the reply of a note [sent 9 days ago] to finish my commissions, I think I can say they are almost reopened. I'm just making this journal because some people are waiting and I wanted to warn them. I'm not going to open that many slots for commissions this time so if you want an ahavatar or something, get ready.

Now something different. I'm thinking about buy a scooter. It's a bit cheaper than a motorbike but I'm going to save money with gas. Also, of course I cant buy a car. And being honest I can't buy even a scooter. But I think I can do it someway. Well I just wanted to know your opinion. If someone read this of course.
Here's a pic of the scooter I'm gonna buy:…
.... nah just kidding. I still not sure. A friend said I should buy a Yamaha.

That's All Folks!
Take care you all.

Zamie needs a new tablet because her old one was broken. And she needs some commissions to help pay for it. Donations are also helpful, even only $1. Just click on her button:

Thank you all.

I'm going to work on a web comic soon, so I'll need a lot of help. Since I have no free time, I'll need people to draw the comic. So that's going to be a collaboration comic. But I also need people to color the covers and special pages and maybe people for some stories.
Well If you think you can help me, send me a note. I already have some people in my "team list".

Click on the button to see my commissions prices and some information about them:

And if you want to buy some awesome art, visit these artists:

:bulletred: Trades - Don't ask me. I ask you.
:bulletred: Requests - *Closed*
:bulletred: Collabs - Most of times I ask you. But if it's really something nice...
:bulletred: Gifts - It's a secret.
:bulletred: Commissions - Click

Hello everybody! Can you please take a look on those shops? I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun. Thanks a lot.


Hoje o dia pode ser mesmo o melhor
E a previsão diz que amanhã vai ser um milhão e seis vezes maior
Então, aproveite cada segundo até o anoitecer
E vamos ter certeza que tudo nós vamos fazer
Hoje, um dia grande vai ser!




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Dey-Chan May 6, 2010
ainda acho assutador esse scooter <<''
as pessoas gostaram dela >w>
not-really-living Apr 30, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You could use the money you receive from commissions to help pay for the scooter. I don't know how much the scooter that you are looking at (assuming that you are already), but I think that if the prices for the commissions are substantial enough, you could make a dent in the full price of it.

Almost open, eh? I wonder when they will be fully open, even though I can't buy a commission from you, or really anybody else for that matter.
hehe well I'm going to get like $12 with my commissions so I don't think that's going to help a lot.

and I just need some time to organize myself over here
not-really-living Apr 30, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, that wouldn't really help very much. Oh, well. It was a good idea at the time.
heh well that's because my commissions are cheap and I think I'm not going to get that many.
Carolzilla Apr 30, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
vc deveria comprar aquela scooter e botar o nome como "pink lightining" XDDDD
uma conhecida de trabalho do meu pai, q mora nos estados unidos, tem umas motos asim, mas so q rosa choque XD e dai chamam a motoca dela de pink lightning 83

mas boa sorte em conseguir dinheiro e talz
so nao esqueça de comprar capacete e talz 8D
hehe brigado. e um capacete rosa pra combinar >w>
Carolzilla Apr 30, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hauahauah totally 8D
e falando nisso, eu troquei o desenho que eu ia fazer pra você por uma pequena animação, onde vou adicionar outra pessoa. tudo bem?
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