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Submitted on
November 1, 2011


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News 319 - New Prices, DD Free Request and Sorry

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 1, 2011, 11:21 AM

Helle everybody. I just wanted to tell you all that

1 - I'm finally changing the prices of the ponIcons now. I'm changing them to $2.50 USD. But I may change it to $3 thanks to Paypal. They are stealing like 12,5% of all the money I'm getting with my commissions. So I'm not making money with them. I was selling them for $1, and paypal was stealing me ¢40. So I really can't make then that cheap. Well but I'm acceptiong, for a limited time, points. But the point price is exactly the same. I mean you can buy 400 points for $5, so I'm selling them for 200 points. It's fair for everybody.

2 - The free DD request is really close to the end too, and I'm gonna ask the winner soon. But you still can try the free request. Here are the rules again:
    a - I want to draw using my DD style.
    b - You have to tell me why you want me to draw your character.
    c  - You have to send me a note with a reference of your character, also references for the costume you want me to draw.
    d - I'm gonna draw only one. Maybe the character more fun to do.
So note me and wait.

3 - Sorry for not thanking you for the +favorites. Looks like dA can't differentiate polite artists from spammers. Well but they can add +favorites on your journal. It's for sure a lot better and more useful.

Well thanks for reading.

[PS: thanks a lot photobucket.]

Click on the button to see my commissions prices and some information about them:

And if you want to buy some awesome art, visit these artists:

:bulletred: Trades - Don't ask me. I ask you.
:bulletred: Requests - *Closed*
:bulletred: Collabs - Most of times I ask you. But if it's really something nice...
:bulletred: Gifts - It's a secret.
:bulletred: Commissions - Click


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FILTrandez Nov 8, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So...mine will still be done right?

Wait,were you paid?
well I dunno I sent you a note almost 3 weeks ago and you replied it just today >>
But you asked me while it was still $1 right?
FILTrandez Nov 9, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No,but you said that that Volty person wanted like...20 of them.Then CaramelMLP asked for one,and it came before mine so I'm confused

Did my friend pay you?
well she asked me for 20 ponIcos, and once I finished them all I made a journal asking people who asked me before to send me a new note. like twice.
anyway you didn't reply that note so I thought you didn't want a ponIcon anyway more. and no your fried didn't pay me. I guess someone sent me a note days ago, but I told this person to not send me the money.
but like I said before, don't worry. just send me a note with the information. and since you asked before, your ponIcon is gonna be only $1.
but you really should read the journals >w>
FILTrandez Nov 9, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Idid,it was confusing,so he didn't pay you?

Hm....well.....if by any chance can I have it free?

I can't pay you cuz Im only 13
someone I don't know sent me a note, but this person didn't pay.
you can talk with your friend again.
FILTrandez Nov 9, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
K,I'll talk to him
Tell people to send their payment as a gift, as it putsthe fees on their head, not yours. <3

on the other hand, oooh, ponicons for points. I have plenty of those.. . oor , I have those slots reserved, oooh. . I need to figureo ut what I want |3
and nooooowww..that's that's problema: paypal blocked the payment as a gift for the Brazilian users. >.>
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