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Submitted on
December 12, 2011


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News 322 - Contest Winners

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 12, 2011, 1:00 PM

OK so here are the results of the 5 days contest:


It was kinda hard to pick a winner. I had the help of some friends. The decision was based on the art plus the reason to give them a premium membership. So, since it was so hard, we have the first place, who won the free PM, second place, winning 2 ponIcons [or 1 ahavatar] and the rest tied on third place. I guess the first place is going to accept the prize. But if you got second or third place, just talk with me about the prize. Well I guess most of you are not into ponies, but we can negotiate.

Well, thank you all for trying your best. I really love all the entries. And I just hope you all had fun. And I also hope you all had a good experience with this challenge. Sometimes when you work with art, you have less time to work on something harder. So I guess it's a good experience  for an artist, getting used to work on something, and make this thing very well, under some pressure.

I'm planing to make contests in the future. But I need better ideas. and better prizes too. Sadly I had only 2500 points. If I had more I would give more PMs.

Oh yeah. The winners may have to wait a bit. I have people waiting me to finish their commissions. ok?

So that's it.
Take care you all!

PS: it's just me, or the winner is kissing the 1st prize medal? XD

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Whoa, thanks Aha! Now I have to find some Bronies for the icons...
:iconsonicgirlnat: I get something?
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